Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Attempt #1 at Entertaining Solak

I set up this blog with the idea that I would document everything that goes on during this period of my life... The transition period after graduating and moving out west.

Right now I'm in that middle ground. I'm done one phase and waiting for the next. That middle ground is also known as Kentville. Ahhh, Kentville. Home of the Apple Blossom Festival, SaveEasy, a hand full of crazies, and me.

Last weekend was the 75th? Annual AB Festival. I think it was the 75th, but I really don't remember... or care all that much. It'll be my last Apple Blossom for a very long time and I can't say that I took the opportunity to soak up all of it's greatness for the last time. I missed the fireworks, Rockfest no longer exists (not that it would be as fun when you're of age and don't have to go to school hungover the next day with crazy stories), and I worked throughout the Parade day. We closed long enough to watch the parade go by, but when I got to the street and saw four Mustang convertibles drive by, I took the back alley to Center Square to grab a beaver tail and went back to work.
After talking to many customers before and after the parade it was obvious that Apple Blossom has lost it's appeal, at least as far as the parade is concerned. Night life is still pretty awesome (from what I've been told), but the parade has become so commercial that it's actually quite boring. My 8 year old cousin wanted to go home after 20 minutes! When I was 8 I LOVED the parade! The big floats with princesses and people dancing and music playing. Candy was always thrown and everyone was waving and having a good time. Not to say that there aren't still floats and what not, but it's not the same as it used to be. For every float there are 10 cars with random nobody's showing them off. What kid wants to see that? I want to see those little 4 year olds throw the batons way up and catch them when they come back down! Now THAT'S talent! Clearly, even with it's new commercial spin, Apple Blossom still brings out the crowd, which always makes me smile. People coming from all over, to Kentville, of all places.

Other than AB, not much is going on. I live in an igloo with a dog that snores as loud as my dad. I have yet to conquer my fear of thunder and lightening. (I figured this out when I bolted out of my empty house this afternoon at the first sound of thunder... showing up to work 30 minutes early) My lovely friend Kate has been texting me from Africa, which makes me so verrry happy, and she has reminded me of one of my favorite proverbs, which I will end this blog with tonight, as my computer has 10% power left:

Fear does not travel by donkey. <-- Remember that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On the inside of my T-Ring the word "success" is engraved. A lot of people chose to engrave their initials, or the very touching "HCH Forever," but I chose this word not only to have something different but because I felt as though I had (or was about to) accomplish something huge.

Success, not in the sense that I am successful in life as a whole, but I have succeeded to complete one of the goals on my long checklist of to-do's. Two days ago I officially completed my four years of university and walked across the St. Thomas Courtyard to be hooded and welcomed into the St. Thomas Alumni. Oddly, I was not as emotional as I expected to be, (which greatly disappointed my mom, who was doing everything in her power to make me cry), but I have mixed feelings about this transition. The friends I have made will be missed more than I can say, and the beautiful campus of St. Thomas and city of Fredericton, a place I've called home for four years, will be missed as well, but the sadness of this era ending is somewhat balanced by the excitement of what is to come for me.

The checklist continues and I say goodbye to St. Thomas with a smile on my face because I know the four years spent there have prepared me for the next step in my life. Four years ago I went to the University of Calgary campus to see if I wanted to go there for my BA, but I was overwhelmed by the size of it. It seemed like it was the size of Kentville! Now I'm ready for it, and I have a lot more confidence moving to Calgary after having adapted so well to Fredericton. Now, if I could find a way to pack up all of my friends from STU and take them with me, I'd be set! Luckily my friends are hicks and the Calgary Stampede will lure them out to visit me...Schlee.

Now that graduation is over and I have received, as a coworker called it today, a very expensive piece of paper, I can enjoy my last summer at home with my friends and family before I move out west to the big city of Calgary to complete the next goal on my list.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me and supported me for the last four or more years, and who will continue to do so throughout the rest of my travels. I appreciate everything and take nothing for granted. I know that I have earned everything I have achieved, but it would be a lot harder to get where I am now without my friends and family helping me through the harder times and celebrating with me when moments like this last weekend happen. Thank you doesn't even seem like enough.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer in the Valley

Never thought I would ever say this, but I'm actually enjoying my time at home in the Valley.

I've been home for a little over a week and I'm not ready to leave... who would've thought! I'm entering my fifth year working at Save Easy and so far, it's not quite as wonderful as it has always been. They've trained me for the deli and it's brutal. I get off work at 7 most nights, which is nice, but I also smell like I've just crawled out of a deep fryer. Like I've been saying all week, though, I have a new respect for anyone who works in the deli. Holy Moly is it ever a load of work. I don't stop from the moment I walk in there, there is so much work to do.

Graduation is in a couple weeks! The official end to a four year journey. Heading on the bus for the last time everrr to Fredericton to stay with Schlee and Solak for a couple of days and take part in the grad events. Family drives up on Saturday and Ryan flies home for 10 days!

It's been a fantastic start to my summer :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Later Gator

Tonight is my last night in Holy Cross House and my last night as a STU student. I have officially completed my Bachelor of Arts degree and even after four years I can still remember my first week at STU back in September of '06.

I made sure to spend tonight the same way we used to spend a lot of nights throughout the last four years... all of us hanging out, eating pizza, watching tv and talking about anything and everything, but nothing of any importance. And thank you to everyone who came to my room tonight, even if it was just for a few minutes or a few hours, it meant a lot to me to get to spend my last night with you guys! To everyone who is staying in Holy Cross next year, hold down the fort! Keep it fun and random and sketchy!

Tomorrow I move home from Fredericton for the last time. Thank GOD for that! I can't even count the times that I've lugged suitcases, bins and boxes to and from my room. I have way too much shit. A yardsale this summer is more than necessary.

At the Toga-Q a few weeks ago I received a lot of wonderful warm and fuzzies and I feel bad because I didn't do all that many due to my level of intoxication. I know that only 2 people read my blog, but I want to write a little something for each person that I may have left out when I wrote my warm and fuzzies. (Also, Schlee, sorry about all of the sketchy warm and fuzzies. Seriously, though, I'm pregnant with your child... don't be a deadbeat)

Melissa - I'll put you first because I'm pretty sure you're one of the two people who read my blog. Thanks for that. I always think of you as one of the fourth years and I'm not entirely sure why. It's probably because you've been such an amazing friend and it's like I've known you for four years. Thank you for letting me come to you about classes and venting in general, and thank you for trusting me with your problems. I hope you know that I'm always an email away if you ever need anything. Have an amazing last year at STU and make sure to go out with a bang like we did! I miss you already! Love you.

K-Cum - Person number two who reads my blog, which is fair because it's your fault I even have one of these things! Ohhhh Katelin... the awkward happenings in your life brighten my day. Please keep updating your blog so that I will never be sad when I'm out west. And please keep not wearing pants in front of unsuspecting friends.. I promise you it will only make you closer with that friend. I feel like our friendship has reached a new level. It may be a much more awkward level, but we're closer nonetheless. I'll miss you very much next year and I'll be sure to message you when I need a good laugh :) I have no doubt you'll have a great final year, hopefully your thesis doesn't consume your life. Stay in touch! Love you, K-Cum.

Hannah - I meant what I said in my warm and fuzzy. Now, I might not remember how exactly I worded it, but I know I threatened your life. I know you'll stay in touch though.. either because you'll miss me or because you know I'll be living near your idol. Either way, I'll be happy to hear from you and all of the hilarious things that go on in house committee. Hang my art in the hall with pride and warn the next girl that lives across the hall from you that if she doesn't talk extremely loud on the phone than she's not doing a good job at entertaining you. Keep this hallway the bright and fun place it has always been! I'm pretty sure I'll never have another neighbor who will have the patience to put up with me. Enjoy the rest of your years at STU and don't waste a moment, the next three years are going to fly by. I better see you guys on spring break next year! Lud ya, dawg. xo

Angela & Morgan - you two go together because you're a package, husband and wife. (was it Angela was the husband and Morgan the wife?) You guys have been really fun to live with and I'm glad I got to know both of you better. Your last year is going to be a ton of fun and I'm sad I won't be here to party it up with both of you, especially in your new apartment! Good luck in your last year and if you both don't come visit me on spring break like you PROMISED, I'll come back and write more racial slurs on your white board! Also, make sure to go to the welcome week Toga-Q and get the newbies hammmered! I'll miss you both. xoxo

Adam - you're just such a wonderful person. I have a wonderful year next year, I hope to see many pictures of walks downtown on beautiful sunny days. Make sure to take many market trips and buy mini doughnuts just for me! They're my favorite part about downtown! I'm going to miss you, Adam. Take care! :)

Craig - you're my boyfriend.. because I called you. Not on the phone, but more like "shotgun!" I saw there was a boy and I called him. Thank you for returning my love and not erasing your white board. Amanda + Craig = Love. Have a wonderful final year at STU and stay in touch! xo

Solak - you huge bitch. If you kill my Archie, I'll kill you. Same goes for my Schlee. Thanks for not buying my computer like you said you might, and thanks for being my friend, despite how much you resisted at first. Did I not tell you we were going to be the best of friends during one of our first conversations? Yes, that may be a tad odd from a person you barely know, but I knew that it would work. Now we will be best friends forever. Can you start posting pictures that you take so I don't forget what you and Schlee look like? haha Seriously Solak, I'm going to miss you. :)

Faye, Joe, Kate and Ash... I'm not writing anything on here because two of you are sitting right beside me and because I don't want to cry. I'll miss all of you, though, to say the least. Love you all.

So I guess this is goodbye, STU. It's been wonderful.

Later Gators.

With Love, Gouldie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh, How Time Flies

Has it really been four years already?

Last night, while taking a break from some serious Lady Gaga inspired dance moves, I sat at a table with Schlee and Solak and looked around the room. Looking at all of the first and second year girls and boys, it was hard to believe that that was us not too long ago. I was definitely overcome with a little nostalgia, and a verrrry small part of me wishes we were back in first year.
First year, when you barely knew anyone.. at least not very many people outside the small house we live in. I only brought one dress with me to STU, so I didn't have all that many outfits to choose from, but I probably changed my hair 50 different times to make sure it looked right for my first university formal.
Anna Galvin & I at Winter Formal

Becky Matchett & I at Spring Formal

Ryan and Kate came to visit for a weekend in second year, and that weekend happened to fall on the same as one of the formals. While getting ready we all got pretty trashed in my room and I got in trouble a few times for letting Ryan and Kate wander in the hallway. (Ryan was far from impressed with the house rules, not that any of us care for them all that much either) Joe was my date for this formal, and some of the girls' boyfriends made a trip from NS to come to the formal. All I remember is Ryan being a little too hyped up on RedBull to go to bed and kept bugging me to let him go outside to look at his Europe pictures on his laptop. Katie Francis & I at Formal (Spring or Winter, I forget)
In third year I didn't live in residence, but Lisa, Nick and I made a trip down from the apartment for Spring Formal. For being the most recent formal, aside from last night, I remember very little about this formal. I remember losing my cellphone, luckily the DJ had it. I think we went to the Dip after, because Dip at 1am is tradition.
Ashley Charlton & I at Spring Formal

Fourth year winter formal. Thanks to Mr. Solak it was quite a classy night. We went to Snooty Fox for appetizers and then to the Delta to get ready. The boys came to pick us up, and in groups we took a 20 minute ride in a limo to formal. (My first time in a limo, too!) Formal was fun, but nothing compared to the traditional trip to the Dip after. As we pull up we see a few of the waiters outside, and as we get out of the cab we see glass everywhere. Turns out a fight broke out in the "professional establishment" (HA!) Luckily the two parties involved were still there and yelling at the waiters about what happened and how it was the WAITERS fault. As one guy stood there bleeding everywhere, we figured out that one guy hit another guys woman, which eventually resulted in that guy putting the other guys head through the glass window in the door. They screamed inappropriate things at the waiters and the women screamed at each other to shut up. The scared to death waitress begged to seat us, despite the fact that our whole party had not shown up yet. Probably the best Dip experience of my life. Sadly, I left my camera in the hotel room. Trust me, there would've been nothing keeping me from taking pictures of that night, although one of those bitches would probably knock me out.
Kate Price & I at Winter Formal
Last night was my last university formal. We didn't stay much more than an hour and we weren't drunk, but we DID go to the Dip after. The Dip was the best part, although rockin out to Madonna and Miley Cirus runs a close second, but nothing quite compares to sitting around a table drinking milkshakes and laughing with friends you've had or made in the last four years.

Faye, Anglea, Bliss, Joe, Chrissy, Ashley & I at Spring Formal.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seriously, Who Hole-Punched My SpiceGirls CD?

I've floated around throughout the last 21 years. I've lived in three different places in Kentville alone. Two places in Fredericton and one in Alberta.. soon to be two and God knows how many times I'll move around within Alberta. During these moves I generally enjoy packing. I like finding things I haven't seen in years like pictures, journal entries, stuffed animals, etc.. etc.. The sad part is, this round of packing will be the last BIG pack for a long time. Most of my childhood crap will be going in storage. (I say crap in a loving way. The memories make me smile, but lets face it, a brown musical lamb that used to be white isn't exactly.. well.. NOT crap.) So once the majority of this stuff goes into the back of storage I likely won't see it again, at least not until I have a permanent residence. This blog is to highlight some of the funny things I've come across while opening up boxes that I haven't opened since my previous move.

1. Some of my favorite cds. Most "stolen" from my parents. The Wild Strawberries, The Everly Brothers (which my stepmom has tried to replace for my dad, but hasn't been able to find the one I have.. oops) Hanson, multiple Much Dance mixes, and my first Spice Girls cd, to name a few.. there's about 50 cds. Also, who decided it would be a good idea to hole-punch my Spice Girl cd?? I'm lookin at you, Ryan!

2. I'm going to type out word for word a school assignment of mine that I found, and framed. Why I went so far as to frame it, I'm not entirely sure.
Fackts about Big brothers and Big sisters
My name is AMANDA and I have a big brother his name is ryan he is mean to me. sometimes But some times he is nice and I want him to be nice to me all of the time. He loves me and I love him but we don't now it he said that he likes me but he dosint thingk he loves me. and Jannafur dosint thing that ether. And my brother whanted me to take oof lOVE my ounckel spelt his name on my STUFF.

3. One of the journals that I found from my first year of university made me laugh pretty hard. I basically wrote about a crush I had on a guy in my criminology class and actually wrote "I hope he's not gay!" ... .. turns out he is.

4. An entire box of magazines. From Tiger Beat to Cosmo. Why did I keep all of these? Now what do I do with them? Leave them in the box, mark it "storage" and leave it for my mom to deal with? Alright!

Thats about it. Along with many baby pictures, photo albums, clothes and crap, I've managed to pack most of my life into three different sections. "Storage," "Storage-Calgary Eventually" and "Sell"

Just another part of the transition.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Canada

Wow. This has been an amazing day for Canada. I've never been more proud to say I'm a Canadian than today. Just amazing. I've never been into the Olympics in past years, especially when all the shows I love stop airing while they're playing. This year, due to Kates love for figure skating and ice dance and lack of having her own TV, I ended up falling in love with the Olympics. I wasn't originally going to do a post on the games because everyone else seemed to take care of it, but I feel like I should write in my own words the impact it had on me this year so that I can look back and remember this moment in Canadian history. Now, I didn't watch all of the different events, actually very little compared to most people, but the ones I did watch I really go into them.

First, Scott and Tessa. Not only was it the most captivating ice dance I have ever seen, but I have a new love. (Scott Moir, not ice dance) All three of their programs were absolutely breath taking, and they definitely earned their gold medals. I also loved the figure skating with Jessica and Bryce. I forget what they placed, but they are a beautiful couple as well.

Second, and not mentioned near enough, the Womens Hockey Team!! Our Canadian Ladies KILLED it out there! I hadn't watched any full games, except gold, because of homework (shocking, I know), but they owned it. Everyone says that there was no doubt that they would get gold, as if its not that big of deal, but I think that just because they're kick ass and it was expected doesn't take away from how awesome it is!

I'm a little embarassed to say this, but I watched the curling gold medal game. Not that I have anything against curling, but I've always found it a tad slow. My dad and stepmom are curlers though, (pro kentville curlers, I might add haha) and I ended up watching it with them in Moncton last night. Oddly, I really got into it. I yelled "hard! hard!" at the screen, despite the fact that I didn't yell it at the right time or know what it means. Of course, Canada dominated in curling throughout, and the men grabbed gold in the end. Highlights of curling, team Norways pants. Loved it. The fact that the really cute guy on team Canada, I think his name was John, didn't change is socks throughout the entire olympics until they won. Funny, but I feel like he probably has a bad case of athletes foot! (I'd still date him though) Lastly, the fact that towards the end, before we actually won, the audience started singing Oh Canada! A little early, but gave me the chills nonetheless.

Finally, MENS HOCKEYYY! Watched the game from start to finish, and I don't remember breathing. SO intense. How the US managed to score with 24 seconds left is beyond me! They were definite competition and HUGE props to Miller. There's no doubt he is an amazing goalie, not that I know much about hockey, other than watching my 3 brothers play for the better part of my life. (no sarcasm intended. I know shockingly little about rules in hockey after SO many years in freezing cold rinks. Why did I even go? Duh, cute hockey boys) Back to Canada! Crosby, you did Canada AND Nova Scotia prouddd!! I jumped out of my seat! Such an intense gold medal game! "Now they know whose game they're playing!" Thank you, Coca-Cola, for one of the best commercials.

So that about sums up MY views on the olympics. I'll be sure to tune in in four years when Canada tries to beat the gold medal record that THEY have now set, in Russia! Well done, Canada!